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The loss of trees is painful enough, but having your home damaged adds to the problem. Many homes can benefit from installing trees as they are attractive and practical. However, trees can deteriorate and become dangerous, or they can be undesirable for a variety of reasons.


What Type of Tree Needs to Be Removed

In Irvine, California, not all trees will be allowed to be cut down. If the tree is in good condition, is not on your land, and does not pose a threat to anyone, you will most likely not be given permission to remove it. A trained arborist will evaluate a tree before issuing a permit for removal by determining the following factors:

It is no longer viable to save the tree since it is no longer alive.
The tree is too close to a construction, wires, or other objects.
The tree's top is broken, or its branches are massive and harmed, posing a serious threat to individuals and the community.
Underground infrastructure such as gas pipelines, plumbing, and electrical wires, among other things, are damaged by tree roots.

Do you need to cut down your tree?

A tree may need to be removed from your property for a variety of reasons. No one likes to watch a tree fall, but when a tree is damaged by a storm or begins to rot in old age, it may be time to cut it down. Sometimes, this is the only remaining alternative when a tree can no longer be saved by felling or pruning.

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With over a decade of tree removal and felling experience, we are one of the industry leaders in Irvine, California. Our experienced team has the skills and experience to handle even the toughest tree jobs. If you’re thinking about sawing or removing a tree, give us a call for a quick and accurate estimate. We will offer you the best solutions for your case. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to hearing from you about any of your tree care requirements, and we offer both commercial and residential tree maintenance options.


Tree Cutting Irvine Ca

We believe in nothing less than exceptional tree service at Irvine, Ca’s Tree Service. Whether you need help with a single fallen tree or a large number of unhealthy trees, you’ll get top-notch tree removal services from us. We have a large tree removal staff, crane, shredder, and truck at our disposal, and we will do our best to remove unwanted trees from your property as quickly as possible.

Contact Treex Irvine Ca immediately if you need tree trimming services in the Irvine region. For all your last-minute needs, we offer small and large tree removal as well as emergency tree removal!

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Whether your tree’s health or safety is at risk or overgrown or an annoying tree stump is on the way, we’ve got you covered! We specialize in pruning and tree care and have the experience and equipment to remove unwanted or unsafe branches or knots of any size. Contact us today and get a no-obligation quote today!

In built environments, tree care includes the use of forestry practices such as pruning, trimming, and cutting/thinning. The tree care sector focuses on roadsides, green spaces, orchards, and park trees.

  • Water the day before you want to remove dirt to make digging easier.
  • Calculate the trunk diameter of your tree in inches. To get to the entire root system, try to dig 6 inches deep for every inch.
  • Pull out the root ball with the lever. You can transplant a tree if the roots are healthy.

The general rule is that trees should be evaluated every six months to two years, although stakes should be removed as soon as the tree is stable.

The optimal time for pruning trees and shrubs is often in the winter. Most trees sleep from November to March, which makes this season ideal for the following reasons: It is harder for insects and diseases to attack trees.